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Placing Youth on the Path to Success

Youth Education and Sports offers a number of programs, all centered around 4 main goals. These are tailored to ensure students and athletes will be fully prepared to achieve not only their life goals, but to move forward into their secondary education goals. 


oUr Programs

Youth Education and Sports hosts a number of programs and courses, to help the youth we serve reach their goals.


The Student Athlete/Artist Achievement Program (TSAAP)

The Student Athlete/Artist Achievement Program (TSAAP) is Youth Education and Sport’s mentoring program. In this program, students are required to set 3 monthly goals, one in each of the areas of Academic, Social, and Extra-Curricular. Their goals and subsequent milestones will be recorded in an e-portfolio for usage when applying for college, jobs, internships, and more. This is a program that not only enhances the development of our students, but prepares them for not only their educational future, but in life. These students are also required to participate in our academic compliance program, character or leadership development, and civic engagement, or volunteering. Each component is crucial in creating well-rounded students, who go on to become well-rounded people.


TSAAP/YES eSports - Southern Skillshot

The main esports program on offer is the Southern Skillshot Training Camp. In this it is designed to help all aspiring gamers to become more proficient in their game and more knowledge as a student. It takes a lot to become a high tier esport player, and because of this our program is created in a way to have students become more wellrounded individuals. Students will be who sign up will be enrolled in the Southern Skillshot Training Camp. From there they are given Monthly Goals to complete. During the weeks of the month students will complete classes and practices that will focus on a variety of different aspects of play. In this iteration of the program we will be providing an 12week training camp

Program Goals

Youth Education and Sports programs share common goals to ensure our students and athletes are ready to achieve their goals.

Academic Compliance

A Parent’s Guide to College Athletics Eligibility is what we share with parents & student-athletes and how we educate parents & student-athletes on the entire process of becoming and staying academically eligible to earn & receive academic & athletic scholarship opportunities.

Athletic/Training Development

With TSAAP/YES, student-athletes are introduced to & tutored on proven athletic training techniques & philosophies that are designed to take student-athletes skill level & play to the next level.

Character Development

Every coach in America is looking for young women & men with outstanding character to attend their colleges & universities and to be a part of their respective teams.  Our emphasis on character development with student-athletes promotes success in the classroom, sports & life!  #charactermatters

Portfolio Development

Student-Athletes learn how to create a digital portfolio of their achievements on and off the field which includes academics, sports, extra-curricular activities and their work in their communities.  The portfolios that are created have custom links that may be shared with coaches, admissions counselors, etc.


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