The Student Athlete Achievement Program

The Student Athlete Achievement Program is designed to help students, whether athletes, artists, or gamers, create realistic goals and document milestones in a meaningful way, easing their transition to adulthood and helping create new opportunities.

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 Preparing students for the next phase of their lives

The Student Achievement Program integrates a number of goals and strategies into a single mentorship program that helps students prepare for the next phase of  life. Integrating a monthly goal system with goals tailored to each student, academic compliance, civic engagement, and character or leadership development, our students are taught to maintain a standard for themselves. All of their milestones and achievements are also documented, for use in future endeavors. 


To ensure accessibility for all of our students, especially during these unprecedented times, our programs are available online through our online learning system. It is key for us to be able to support students now more than ever, as education and engagement changes. 

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