Southern Skillshot Training Camp


Southern Skillshot Training Camp is Youth Education and Sports own 8 week training camp, to help our students become skilled esports competitors. 

About Our Camp

Southern Skillshot Training Camp is designed to help all aspiring gamers to become more proficient in their game and more knowledge as a student. It takes a lot to become a high tier esport player, and because of this our program is created in a way to have students become more wellrounded individuals. Students will be who sign up will be enrolled in the Southern Skillshot Training Camp. From there they are given Monthly Goals to complete. During the weeks of the month students will complete classes and practices that will focus on a variety of different aspects of play. In this iterationof the program we will be providing an 12-week training camp. Students must complete 2 Monthly Quest to complete this Camp. More detailed Information to be added later.

Latest News

Southern SkillShot Qualifier

Open Registration Announcing Soon

Southern Skillshot Qualifier is our very own esports tournament. Open for a limited number of teams, more information coming soon. 

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