Our Vision

Southern Skillshot

Our Vision

     The esports field is full of agencies and managers claiming they can make you “the next big thing”. That isn’t our claim. Our aim is to help as many students as possible gain access to a college education using esports as a catalyst. With the help of industry professionals, top players, and business leaders, we are able to provide a fine-tuned program. Whether it’s a child that turns to gaming when they have little else or it is a well versed competitor, we have something for everyone. We are here to help students succeed, not only with the college process, but with a career they will love.

High school and collegiate esports activity is on the rise and to be able to stand out requires hard work and dedication. The students that enter our program will be taught on the core principles of honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. Through these values, students will not only perfect their own skill in the game, but become more aware and focused. While esports is not focused on the physical capabilities of the body, the mind is what becomes tested. Student athletes are being challenged to a game of mental strategy every time they step into a lobby. To be able to craft a game plan and lead a team to execute it as if it were a symphony is a skill that is mesmerizing.

To those who are new to esports, keep reading. It gets even better-




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