Our Goals

Southern Skillshot

Our Goals

Every good journey has a starting point and a course set for a destination. Where we are now is just an taste of what we will be in the near future. Even though the path we lay may be challenging at times, the result is more rewarding than ever. With the future becoming more and more internet and online focused, institutions are learning to more vastly use the tools at their disposal in ways like never before. Similarly, we have been able to craft a program like never before using some of these very tools that are an access point to a students future. With these tools, our program has laid out very clear goals and missions for every student that will set them up with the knowledge necessary for their future.

  • Multi-facetted operations that can produce high quality content that can not be found anywhere else
    • Our Training Camp is designed in a way to bring in any level of player into the fold and learn the basics and fundamentals through fun and engaging activities. The program will reward student athletes with over 100 hours in esports training they will be a cut above the rest when college recruitment season comes rolling around.
    • The Southern Skillshot Qualifiers will give students in Georgia and Tennessee to prove their worth in fighting their way in our Qualifier League. Students of the Training Camp will receive specials discounts. 
    • Southern Skillshot Majors. This is the final tier of our program that everything has led up to. Only students who have earned their spot at the top of Southern Skillshot Qualifiers  will be invited. Then we will see which state has the best esport student athletes.


Just like our student athletes, we have set our own goals and plan to grind to achieve them. Our leadership team chooses to lead by example so that students can emulate a positive work ethic. Providing students with a positive and encouraging atmosphere will be a huge key to their success, and to ours.


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