As an athlete

Southern Skillshot

Esport Athletes

Esport athletes are often over looked when it comes to appreciation of skill because their sport does not include a ball. These players push themselves every match because they know their opponent is doing the same thing. Every day they practice their game to improve, to become faster to become smarter and to become better. The games they play have a vast array of complexities to consider. In League of Legends, there are 153 different characters to play. Each of those characters have multiple abilities that can be beneficial and detrimental. Diving even further, there are dozens of items that each have unique properties to learn. Even further, there are thousands of unique champion to champion interactions that must be accounted for. These players must constantly be up to date on their craft because unlike traditional sports, major game changes can be made overnight.

Each and every game has its own set of unique properties and rules. Mastering each game requires thousands of hours of work, and even then you can still be outclassed. Properly using your time in a meaningful way is what helps those win when others fail. Preparing for any and every engagement and analyzing the possibilities of outcomes is a amazing talent to develop. Having a a mind that can process multiple actions and execute them in hundredths of a second is just scratching the surface of the capability of these players. Developing and truly mastering the fundamentals of each item, character, map and interactions is what defines champions.

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