Why choose us?

Southern Skillshot

Why choose us?

Excellent question, you are wise to ask. Here is a couple of reasons why.

  • The founder of Southern Skillshot and Executive Director of Youth Education and Sports, inc. is Nicholas “High King Royal” Smith. He has spent the past 15 years being involved in esports holding a range of roles ranging from Professional Player to Esports Coordinator for Lourdes University. His sole focus in creating Southern Skillshot was to help young gamers get to where they want to go, faster. A devoted father of 3, he understands that parents are interested in whats best for their children. Being able to relate to others has lead him to maintain focus on the focus of community and positivity.
  • Our ever growing team is dedicated to help students achieve. Our community is one of positivity and empowerment. We believe that when an individual is placed in an encouraging and success focused group then that individual is much more likely to succeed. Having that in mind is why we focus our operations at the local level to build out a solid foundation and bring some talented enthusiast along the way.
  • We are part of Youth Education and Sports (YES), inc and work with The Student Athlete Acheivement program (TSAAP).With the empowerment model that TSAAP has built, we have interegrated those lessons into our Southern Skillshot Training Camp. When students purchase their pass into the SSTC, they will also be given a copy of the Student Athlete Playbook, written by the VP of YES, Barry Brown. Students will set goals within the program itself and using the tools provided, will achieve them.
  • To help foster a successful enviroment, we strongly encourage parents to be involved with their child in the program as well. We understand that not every parent fully understands what esports is and what games the youngsters are playing nowadays. Thats why we have created our Community Calandar that will let all members know what community events will be happening and can plan accordingly. Game Nights, Community Nights and Watch Parties are a few of the events we have planned to get the whole family involved.


That’s a lot to offer in an esports club and we are proud to be able to provide. Having a rolling list of activties will keep people coming back time after time, because one of the most important thing you build in our community is friendships.

Now we have some questions for you.

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