What can esports do for you?

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What can esports do for you?

Esports is definitely a lucrative and growing industry that only gets stronger. With games such as Overwatch being streamed on ESPN, with prize pools for tournaments that can reach more than $20 million and how the ability to get involved has become more open its no wonder why we have been seeing such growth. Players dedicate their lives to being their best in the game, broadcasters travel the world setting up events in major cities and managers help their team and organization grow stronger. A lot of jobs in traditional sports do carry over into esports; sports psychology, event production and market analyst to name a few. The level of professionalism in esports that people see now is the result of decades of hard work and sacrifices people have made. We honor them by training our students to become pillars of the community and titans of the industry.

That’s what esports can do for you, but what can Southern Skillshot do? With our program we have developed multiple pathways towards success and they are: Athletes, Broadcasters, Managers. These are three of the most important roles that esports has to offer and we have made sure that we help any student who wishes to peruse their goals. Additionally, it adds to a student athletes portfolio that they can perform multiple task proficiently. The skills they learn from the Southern Skillshot Training Camp coupled with seminars and workshops from leaders in the industry will ensure that students are prepared for the road ahead.

Each path varies and has different goals along the way, and we encourage all students to participate in order to find out what they really enjoy doing.  So lets go into detail on how we have something for every esport enthusiast

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