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Welcome to Southern Skillshot

The Premier Esports Club of the South

     Southern Skillshot is the souths first premier esports club. We look to redefine and reenergize grassroots movements within middle and high schools. What separates us from others is that our sole purpose is to help students become more developed and well rounded individuals and assist in their path toward college enrollment. Collegiate esports is on the rise now more than ever, with high school recruitment at an all time high. Schools from around the world are starting to realize the value that these athletes bring to the table. It takes a lot to transform yourself into a high caliber student athlete, though at Southern Skillshot, we aim to make it a bit easier. The program and community that we have built has something for every gamer alike; be it professional or casual.

Here is a sampling of what we have to offer everyone:

  • STEM-rich environment
  • Seminars
  • Tournaments
  • All inclusive community nights

Every month we update our calendar with new events to partake in. Be sure to check our socials for updates!


Now that we have your attention, let us properly introduce ourselves-


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