The Southern Skillshot Training Camp (SSTC) is the first phase in a 3-phased operation under the Southern Skillshot umbrella. While operating under the Youth Education and Sports core principals, SSTC will help lay a solid foundation for personal and educational growth. Our program is an educational esports camp in which members will participate in our 12-week training program for an entry fee. While enrolled in our program, students will be developing skills and learning habits that will be incredibly helpful in shaping their futures – personally, educationally, and professionally.  With proper structure, guidance, and education we can shape young students into college-ready digital athletes.

The Training Camp is built with core values including: Honesty, Integrity, and Sportsmanship. With these in mind, we developed a curriculum that can be done remotely, as well as across multiple access points. This allows our participants many ways to earn accrued time toward their credits. SSTC operates as an 12-week program in which students will be required to complete activities and exercises weekly. Breaking down the path to success in esports, we have narrowed our focus into the following three categories to help develop young athletes.

  • Physical – Players will focus on courses we have selected and/or developed. These will include activities such as stretches and exercises, gauntlet challenges, practice time/scrimmages and tournaments. By focusing on physical development, we will help focus the student player’s ability to compete at their highest level. Professional tournaments can last for hours and requires strength in hand-eye coordination, hand/finger movement as well as dexterity. SSTC’s goal is to help our students be ready for college level and semi-professional caliber leagues. Ensuring that our students are physically prepared for the challenge of being a student athlete will be important in setting them apart from their competition.
  • Mental – Having the ability to make important split-second decisions during a massive battle is a desirable and unique talent. To possess the ability to execute proper strategy amidst chaos allows one to turn a disadvantage into a victory. Our program will focus on the mental fortitude and aptitude it will take to develop our students into fast and forward-thinking individuals. This mentality will make them prime candidates for college scholarships. In this part of SSTC, we will focus on things such as film review, strategy crafting, seminars and challenges as well as educational videos for the students. With the confidence of a strong mind and trust in one’s self, these student athletes will be ready for the road that leads ahead.
  • Empowerment – There is much more to being a professional contender than just being good at your craft. You also need to develop yourself and work on your own self-improvement. Students in our program will have access to a wide variety of job development skills that will prepare them for college and employment. Focusing on teaching our students to be empowered to make decisions and learn how to set and achieve goals will help to craft them into future leaders in their communities. During our 20 hour a week program, students will learn how to set aside time for their own goals, as well as keep themselves accountable for their educational and Skillshot schedule. Additionally, we will have workshops for students to participate in that will teach unique skills that are very popular in esports. These include broadcasting, community management, team building as well as marketing and legal educations. With these skills, students will be self-sufficient on their path forward.


The desired outcome of this project is to build a strong and sustainable esports club in Georgia and Tennessee. Using our community and staff we will be able to create a reputable and credible training program that will help students get to college. At the programs finally, all participants will have at minimum 100 hours of training camp experience. In addition, they will also take part in seminars and workshops with industry professionals. Shaping these young adults into future professionals in whichever field they choose is at the core of our philosophy.

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